1.This wireless listening system consists of wireless transmitting part  and receiving part, the wireless transmitting parts can be perfectly fit with a variety of electric equipment as camouflage, it can obtain evidence and does not affect the normal work as an electrical appliances.

2. Built-in high sensitivity microphone,its pickup is wide and the space  range it can monitor is about 80 square meters.

3. Low power consumption , built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium batteriesit can work more than 60 hours continuously.

4. Long transmission distance,which is about 500-700m in the urban visual environment.

5.This wireless listening system is widely used in the family, hotel, warehouse,office,conference room ,criminal scene etc.

Technical Parameters

1,Wireless Transmitting Parts

Types: LED lamp, wall lamp, strip, charging treasure, wireless router, chargers, electronic calendar, remote control, smoke box, cigarette case.(optional) according to real need

Pickup radius: 3-5 m

Channel:has 10 different optional

Ideal transmission radius: outdoor environment: 1000m
Urban real visual environment: 500-700 m

Working current: 10-15 mA

Working voltage: DC 5V

Transmission power: 40 mW

Antenna: built-in antenna

MIC pickup sensitivity: - 58 db

Ground noise: less than 20 Hz

Working time: 220 v It can keep working all time with connecting 220V power source, it can work more than 60 hours continuously with built-in lithium battery .

Charging time: about 3 hours (1000 mAh), about 6 hours (20000 mAh rechargeable treasure)

2Receiving part:

Size: 110 * 57 * 39 (length * width * height in mm)

Battery: 7.4 V / 2800 mAh(lithium-ion battery)

Continuous working time: 5 hours

Channel: 16


Weight: 240g

Receiving sensitivity:0.20μV@20/25KHz typical

Audio power rating:1 W

Audio distortion: 5% or less

The power voltage7.5V DC ±20%

Working temperature-25℃~ + 60℃

Have playback function

The recording file format:WAV


With headset

The recording time500 hours

USB2.0 Extract: support



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