Advantages of this walk through metal detector: high sensitivity; anti- interfere;multi detection zones; adjust sensitivity of each zone individually; self diagnostic, when power on;7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen; high-strength materials, fireproof,anti-corrosion, shockproof; real-time environment interfere monitor.

Advanced features
★ Multi-zone technology:24 detection zones,adjust sensitivity of each zone individually.
★ Touch screen:7-inch HDMI LCD touch screen,easy to operate and understand.
★ Mobile connection technology: realize mobile APP remote control(optional).
★ IP Grade: IP55 superior waterproof performance.
★ Self calibration once power on.
★ Self diagnostic, it will inform the user when exit the system.
★ Start-stop technology:infrared devices with automatic start-stop technology.
★ Adjust the alarm sounds arbitrarily.
★ Adjust the working frequency automatically or manually.
★ Detection Technology:Even detection technology, no blind spot.
★ Professional detection process:built in 60 different detection occasions(providing upgrade services).
★ Working frequency: 100 working frequency.
★ Security level:100 security levels.
★ Detection sensitivity of each zone: From 0 to 255 level.
★ Multi-alarm sounds to choose-to fit different applications.
★ Counter: Record the pass and alarm numbers.
★ Query function: The system has real-time information query function.
★ Intelligent Standby: The system has intelligent standby operation alerts.
★ Working Standby:16 high-brightness LED indicator on.
★ Detection speed: more than 60 people pass and detect in 1 minute.

7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen
High-strength plastic beam (length can be customized) Simple installation 
Aviation plugs

Model HW-800D/24
External dimensions 2240×670x850mm
Vertical channel size 2000x700mm
Packing size 2280x700x290mm
Working voltage AC90V~240V 50/60Hz
Power 12W
Working frequency 1-100
Working environment -20℃~65℃
  Installation environment (W) 100cm* (L) 200cm
(no metal in this range)
Highest standard Metal size≥6g

Note: The table "●" indicates have this function, "○" indicates  optional, "/" indicates no such function.

Technical Parameters
 Electrical reference
EN60950 safety standards
Radiation standards reference
 Anti-interference standard reference
Strictly enforced Walk Through Metal Detector National standard(GB15210-2003)
ISO9001:2008 certificate
OHSAS18001 health certificate
ISO14001 environment certificate
EU CE FCC ROHS certificates

Note: The table "●" indicates have this function, "○" indicates  optional, "/" indicates no such function.

Technical Standard
Exclude appointed metal on one body like the belt,bra,etc.
Dual high-brightness red and green LED display /
7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen
Touch-screen operation
Mobile APP remote control
Multiple networking interfaces
External control alarm device port
Secondary development port/upgrade port
Count the number of pass
Count the number of alarm
Query in/out record
Dual password protection
Multi zone detection,multi alarm
Smart Partition
Smart Partition alarm indicator
Double sides super brightness SMD LED
6 working bands /
100 working frequency
Alarm quiet mode
Adjust the alarm sound
Multiple alarm sounds
Front or rear single side alarm light
Single side alarm indicate light /
Front sides alarm indicate lights
Four sides led lights/optional
Sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted
Adjust sensitivity:0~255
Adjust sensitivity:0~120 /
Security level:1~6 /
Security level:1~100
24 detection zones
Built-in 60 applications
Back-up battery continues work for 2h/optional
Back-up battery continues work for 8h/optional
Restore factory settings


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