Product Introduction:

In some emergency scenes, important activities scenes and some other important places,such as the military base, secret units, prisons, detention centers, the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicle is not allowed by the security.The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) may take photoes and steal confidential information of some important places without permission ,it can also carry dangerous goods as a threat.At present, the security measures for the ground are mature, but for the air are not effective.

Unmanned aerial vehicle control system is electronic countermeasures device based on the current civil UAV development ,it adopts advanced technology which can obstruct and interfer the signal of flight control channel and navigation channel.

Technical Feature:

l Light and portable, only 10kg, easy to carry.

l Multiband emission,suit to mostly civilian UAVs.

l Cover GPSGLONASS,Beidou Navigation System

l Adjustable Internal Antenna with high performance, High front-to-rear ratio, Low electromagnetic radiation

l two-way smart Controller

l Lock the angle of elevation with 4 gears, Motion alarm,power failure alarm,over temperature alarm

l Sealed integrated design, can be immersed into at 1m underwater

l aviation aluminum(CNC) molding, portable &integrated design 


● Working frequency range1.6GHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz

● EIRP20dBW/23dBW/17dBW

● Signal TypeDSSS/FHSS

●  Antenna gain5dB/6dB/6dB

● Supply voltageAC100~240V/50~60Hz

● Radius of defence≥2 km@flight control distance:300 m

 ≥1 km@flight control distance:140 m

● Angle of defence120°~ 150°Horizontal and Vertical

● Remote-controlled distance≥1 kmWith Repeater

 ≥100 mNo Repeater

● Weight10.5kg

● Protection gradeIP67

● Operating environment-40℃ ~ +55℃



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