Product Introduction:
In some emergency scenes, important activities scenes and some other important places,such as the military base, secret units, prisons, detention centers, the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicle is not allowed by the security.The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) may take photoes and steal confidential information of some important places without permission ,it can also carry dangerous goods as a threat.At present, the security measures for the ground are mature, but for the air are not effective.
HW-UAVJ unmanned aerial vehicle control equipment is electronic countermeasures device based on the current civil UAV development ,it adopts advanced technology of DDS and MMIC,it can obstruct and interfer the signal of flight control channel and navigation channel,forcing the UAV landing or  making a return voyage.
HW-UAVJ uses handheld design,which is light and portable.
It has two pieces of lithium batteries and can continuouslywork more than 2 hours.The airframe adopts 7075 aviation   aluminum  metal structure, which is solid and reliable.    HW-UAVJ adopts high gain directional antenna design,it can form 30 °taper control space of the antenna's direction .
Technical Feature:
★ Light and portable, easy to carry, fast operation, high efficiency.
★ Multiband emission,suit to mostly civilian UAVs.
★ Various types of energy saving,the battery life is strong.
★High gain directional antenna,strong directivity, the electromagnetic pollution is small.
★Power display, low pressure alarm and temperature protection .
★Airframe adopt 7075 aviation aluminum, strong and reliable.
Technical Specification:

Number of spectrum 3
Expel function
Forced Landing function
2.4G Flight control spectrum
5.8G Flight control spectrum
Satellite navigation spectrum
Frequency covering band BAND1:2.4G
Equivalent isotropically radiated power(EIRP) BAND1:  49dBmW
BAND2:  43dBmW
BAND3:  46dBmW
Beamwidth BAND1:horizontal plane 27° vertical plane 23°
BAND2:horizontal plane 25° vertical plane 22°
BAND3:horizontal plane 28° vertical plane 26°
Operating distance BAND1:  ≥500meters
BAND2:  ≥800meters
BAND3:  ≥800meters
Power consumption 71W
Battery capacity 67WH
Continuous working time 50 minutes(Each battery)
Intermittent working time 240 minutes(30 seconds to shoot ,90 seconds to stop)
Host weight 1550g
Host appearance Handheld part diameter 55mm
Maximum length 410mm
Maximum width 90mm
Operating environment Host:-25℃ ~  +50℃
Battery:-5℃ ~ +50℃


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