Under Vehicle Search Mirror

HWA008-II Under Vehicle Search Mirror is mainly used for detecting suspicious articles in the areas difficult to search directly, such as vehicle’s chassis, machine’s bottom, warehouse’s corner, etc. The mainly application is for airport safety inspection, military region inspection or private car inspection. The mirror is not made of glass, which is made of strong acrylic material, give the user the clearest detection effect. Furthermore, HWA008-II adopts integrated design, which makes it more durable, convenient and portable.

●  The handle is made of aluminum alloy material which is light and high-strength, capable of long-time operation.
●  Convex mirror is made of strong acrylic material, it is safe and light.
●  The direction of mirror can be adjusted discretionarily.
●  The material of mirror has high-strength plastic protection, to prevent the mirror from being scratched.
●  With LED light.
●  With 4 rotation wheels.
●  High flexibility.
●  The handle is telescopic, it can be extended rapidly.


Net Weight

2.4 kg

Gross Weight

4.9 kg

Handle Length


Mirror Size


 Package Dimension


Lighting Source

LED white lights


 4 AA Batteries



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