The Tactical Ladder is the only ladder designed specifically for tactical military, SWAT and law enforcement use. The Tactical Ladder is built to withstand heavy use with super-strong, super-light aerospace-grade aluminum.The Tactical Ladder’s innovative locking hinge and telescoping sides let you adapt to various situations .The Tactical Ladder is especially useful for emergency assaults and dynamic entries through windows and over fences, walls and roofs. The optional Schling system allows for hands-free transportation, so every weapon is on target at all times. The Tactical Ladder features a non-reflective black, subdued surface and noise dampeners on all working parts to adapt to a changing crisis environment.


· Adapt to unpredictable crisis environments .

· Perform dynamic entries and emergency assaults quickly, safely through windows and over fences and walls.

· Keep every weapon on target at all times with the optional hands-free Schling.

· Maintain stealth in crisis situation with noise dampened moving parts and subdued black surface.


Herringbone Load More than 600 kgs
Merge Extension Height 2.4m
The Herringbone Height 2.3m
Straight Height 5.76m
Net weight 19kgs
Packing Size 1.71×0.71×0.21(m)


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