Tactical Ladder


The Tactical Ladder is made of super strong and ultralight  aviation grade aluminum

and stainless steel composite materials, and specially designed  for tactical unit such

as military, armed police, SWAT and law enforcement use. It is manufactured by  the

neutral industrial grade, and be able to withstand 300 lbs pressure. The ladder is

coated with anti-glare dark color layer to prevent the operator from being discovered

at night because of light reflection. And some working parts have soundproof effects,

which is good for us to move in a dangerous environment.  



Appearancecoated with anti-glare dark color layer, to prevent from light reflection

operated at night.

Materials6005-T5 aviation grade aluminum and stainless steel composite materials.

RapidThe tactical ladder can be expanded in seconds.

PortableIt could be placed in the car.

ApplicationPolice, army, customs, fire fighting,disasters
Characterreliable,solid,it is applicable to armed police, military and emergency situations.


Technical Parameters

Loading capacity250Kg

Maximum Unfolded Height:5.76M

Minimum Folded Height1.52M

Step ladder Expanded Height:1.52M-2.74M

Straight ladder Expanded Height:3.35M-5.79M





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