The Search Suit has been designed specifically for personnel involved in searching for and clearing of mines and terrorist explosive devices. Although the Search Suit does not offer the higher protection of the EOD Bomb Disposal Suit, it is much lighter in weight, provides all-round 360° protection, whilst at the same time being comfortable to wear and allowing virtually unrestricted movement.

The outer material of the Search Suit is constructed of fire-retardant Nomex III and includes the latest Kevlar new technology aramid fibres.

The Search Suit contains a pocket in the front and back into which an optional fragmentation plate can be inserted. This upgrades the level of protection provided by the Search Suit.


Arms: Separate adjustable sleeves provide optimum movement

Jacket: Provides front, back, side, shoulder and neck protection, with the addition of up-armouring pocket for inserting an optional ceramic plate.

Groin Protector: Removable insert.

Trousers: The unique design provides freedom of movement and optimum protection to the legs.

Helmet & Visor: These, in conjunction with the Search Suit’s high collar, provide

maximum protection.


Suit: V50 (17 grain FSP) STANAG 2920 – 450m/s

Helmet: V50 (17 grain FSP) STANAG –  450m/s

Visor: Acrylic/polycarbonate: V50 (17 grain FSP) STANAG 2920 – 250m/s

Ceramic Protection Board:800 m/s

Suit weight: Without plate 15 kg, with plate 17kg

Colour: Navy blue



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