Anti-terrorist and Police equipment.Potable and foldable, waterproof ,can be transported in a car or van.Single person assembly without tools-in less than 5 minutes.Optional built in black-up battery which can working for at least 40 hours.

Functions and characters:

Self diagnostic, it will inform the user when exit the system.

Memory Feature Stores Settings for last operator when power off.

DSP and Microprocessor Controlled , login into the control panel safely.

Head-to-Toe, Zone Specific Detected.

300 adjustable sensibility levels.

There are 16 individual detect zones.

7-inch LCD touch screen,simple operation

Mobile APP achieve remote control

IP67 Superior waterproof performance

Self calibration once power on.

Automatic counting function


Schools and sports event

Meetings and VIP Security

Outdoors security protect

All the place that need the high sensitivity and portable metal detector

Technical Parameters

Operating temperature:-40℃ to +85℃

Relative Humidity:99%non-condensing

IP Grade:IP67

External Dimension:2250*850*500mm

Passage Dimension:2051*710*500mm

Fold Demension:889*606*484mm

Packing Dimension:1000*700*540mm

Net Weight:33kg

Gross weight:40kg



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