The SOSENSE-D1 is one of the most advanced and cost-effective portable drugs detector available in the world, which adopts pseudo random sequence ion door-opening technology and Hardmard algorithm. These new methods are first applied to IMS detector both at home and abroad, which improve signal-to-noise and anti-interference ability dramatically, and reduces the false alarm rate. The devices are widely used by the governments worldwide to detect the presence of drugs and analyze which kind drug it is.

IMS and pseudo-random-sequence ion gate technology  
Show the name of drugs
Colorful LCD screen
Store 2000 log records
Upgradeable Sample Database
External USB and Network Port
Sample Collection: Vapor or Trace 
Small size and light Weight
Reversed system menu window
Additional sample can easily be programmed into the system


Technology   IMS and pseudo-random-sequence ion gate technology     Detecting Capability Heroin, Cocaine, Morphia, Methamphetamine, Ketamine, Amphetamine, Marijuana, Opium, MDA, MDMA, THC, DHE, etc. and additional sample can easily be programmed into the device by the user 
Sensitivity 10-9 g Sample Collection  Vapor and Trace Particle
False Alarm Rate 1% Warm-up Time Less than 15 minutes
Analysis Time 4~10 seconds Calibration Time 30s
Alarm Type Audio or Visual Dimension 435×133×210 (mm)
Weight 4.6 kg (including 1.4 kg battery) Power Supply AC 220V, or lithium battery 
Temperature -20℃ to 40℃ Relative Humidity < 99%
Display 3.5 inches TFT color screen Connector Net-port or USB-port
Battery 16.8V/13Ah, using at least 3 hours Calibration Manual

1 Detector 
2 Battery Packs   
1 Power Adapter        
1 Sampling Wand     
12 pieces Molecular Sieves  
1 Calibrant 
4 boxes Test Papers 
1 User’s Manual 

1 Carrying case 



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