Model: HW-DJST


The police arrest gloves are non-fatal tools for law enforcement,which are widely used to arrest the criminals by the public security departments. It can generate low pressure pulse current that has shrinkage function to human body.It is convenient to use and has strong concealment,the humanized design keeps no harm to the operator.Wear this police arrest golves and press the button sustaining 2 seconds,then capture the bare skin of the criminals for 2-3 seconds,which can make the person lose resistance ability immediately.


Light and small,no bear load,easily operate,two seconds to start the engine.

Handshake or grab the Criminal’s wrist, the person will lose attack ability immediately .

Humanized design.

Obvious hidden advantages, easy to melee combat.

Electronic pulse modeunmuzzle instantly,no trauma to the skin surface.


1.Working voltage3.5V-4.2V

2.The output pulse current≤10mA

3.The output pulse voltageAlternating current 60V-320V

4.Shutdown state storage time≥6 monthsNeed charge every 3 to 6 months

5.Normal working hours≥8hours

6.Battery capacity3.7V  700mAh

7.The continuous electric shock2S-6S

8.Power consumption≤0.2W

9.The charger power inputAC 85-245V

10.The charger output powerDC 5V/0.5A



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