This device is a compact, lightweight, high differentiate rate, portable multifunctional night vision. There is 1X and 3X lens available with different digital cameras, videos, which can be chose by customer's needs. This device can also be used separately. It utilizes the 3rd generation Russian high-performance image intensifier tubes with inside IR light source to provide extremely clear and crisp images under the darkest conditions. It has highlight against and glare against functions, and is widely used in surveillance, custom drug enforcement, frontier inspection, police examination suppress smuggling and driving or maintenance vehicles in darkness.
Normal night vision can not be used in the daylight, since sunlight may damage lamp. This type of night vision has highlight protection function, which will not be damaged when it is used in daylight.


Image Intensifier Tube Classification 2+
Magnification 1x,3x
Observation Distance in Night 1x~350m,3x~1000m
Mounting Hand held, Head, Helmet and weapon mountable
Recognition Distance 1x~200m,3x~500m
Operational readiness time 4 to 8 secs from Switch ON
Resolution 56 lp/mm-64 lp/mm
Zoom Distance 15mm
Diopter ±5°
Object Lens Diameter 34mm
Shell Construction High tension aluminum alloy; Shockproof, Damp Proof
Strike Resistance IP67
Dimension(mm) 110×68×42
Weight of Main Part 309 g
Overall Weight 327 g (including battery)
Range of Focus(m) 0.25~∞
Working Voltage 1.5 V(one AA battery)
Battery Life 80hrs.(IR: 40hrs.)
Operating Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Accessory(selected) Helmet
Field of View 40°
Humidity 98%


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