Multi-function Stereo Listening Through Wall System





This multi-function stereo listen through wall device is the most updated one in similar products nowadays, which can give listener the clearest audio information they are going to know. This is a special amplifier that will pick up the slightest noise through solid objects like a wall, so you can listen to what is happening on the other side. The contact microphone is a ceramic pin specially developed for converting vibration into audible noise. It has two powerful transducers together comprise an exceptional monitoring device to enable police, prison and so on.



●High Detection sensitivity

●The threshold frequency,gain of the amplifier and microphone are adjustable

●The gain of the amplifier can be infinitely adjusted.

●People can monitor with channel 1, channel 2 separately or simultaneously.  

●Built-in recording function, it can record when insert the dedicated recording memory, no need to use other recording device.



Technical Parameters


MCU(main control unit):131×125×42mm; :41×18×15mm


MCU(main control unit):398g; Sensor:25g/piece; wires:45g/piece

Earphone:418g; Device total weight:956g

Power Supply

Built-in 9V batteryexternal DC 9V inputoptional

Audio input

Left and right double track

Audio output

Left and right output simultaneously, or left and right output separately

Audio adjust

Gain adjustment, low frequency, high frequency filter adjustment and volume adjustment

Headphone output

3.5” standard interface

Recording output

Built-in recording module, real-time recording by USB external dedicated recording memory

Recording memory

16GB(continuous recording about 1500 hours

Product list

MCU(main control unit)×1,Sensors×2,wires×2,stereophonic  noise reduction, earphone×1,Recording memory×1,Users Guide×1,outer box×1

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