Handheld Wireless Laser Night Vision System

This device is a portable laser night vision product,the operation is simple and the appearance design is elegant,the image is clear and the whole device has super lighting protection,freezing resistance.The product has good stability and is widely used in frontier defence , coast defence, maritime affairs,oil field,flood prevention,forest fire prevention,the urban environment detection, public security, railway and other places need a long distance night vision surveillance.


1, Remote control:Make the camera zoom,focus,video switch,control by long distance remote control.
2, Holder: Can be pitched and rotated.
3, Camera shooting: 36x optical zoom,1/4 seconds Mode:0.1Lx(F1.6,50IRE)  Daytime 1000m, night 400m.
4, Laser lighting: Use 925nm no red semiconductor laser, laser power is not less than 4 W.
5,Wireless launch:Built-in wireless transmitters,realize the image wireless transmission.
6, Wireless receiving: Default receiving video through wireless. Compatible with wired video and output.
Received frequency:2.4G-5.8G.
Display size:5 inches, support wire/wireless camera of AV signal input and output;Have photographed function;Support mobile detection design and cyclic recording.Wireless monitor and host can fission continues to work without shutdown condition.
Battery: Built-in 6 section 18650 battery,quickly remove and replace.
Size:18mm*65mm,continuous work time is not less than 10 hours when the laser is open.
7, Power supply control:
Real-time display equipment working voltage ,current,remaining power.
Real-time display equipment charging current,voltage,charge capacity.
8, Portable requirement:



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