HW-HAWKEYEIII is an explosive detector based on fluorescence technique. The fluorescence intensity and the peak position will change when the explosive molecule contacts with fluorescent material.This kind of change is recorded by the high sensitive detector inside the machine, and then this information will be used to analysis if there’s explosives.

Product advantages

1Light weight, easy to carry;

2No radioactive source, easy to deploy;

3Quick overdose recovery

4Combined with chromatographic technique, high sensitivity, strong selectivity;

5Low operation cost.


Size 262mm* 112mm *138mm with heating head
62mm* 112mm *104mm without heating head
  Weight 1.1KG with heating head
0.9KG Without heating head
Cold start-up time <5min
LCD 3 inch IPS screen
Power input 100-240V AC 2A, 50/60Hz
Battery endurance 8000mah, 8.4V, dual battery > 10 hours
External data interface USB 
Sampling mode wipe or suction
Detection time 1~10s
Detection sensitivity <0.1ng TNT, ng level for all other material
Measurable category TNT,DNT,MNT,RDX,HMX, Tetryl,PETN,HNS,BTF,CL-20,DNTF,NQ,Black Powder,NA,C4,PA,AT
Working temperature -20 degrees to 50 degrees

Application Areas:

□Airplane/subway/railway transport and passenger carriage security check

□Express/vehicles/ luggage/logistics transport

□Customs/customs pass security

□Motor station/railway station/airport security

□Border/frontier patrol

□Foreign residence/VIP hotel security

□Public facilities/entertainment venues


□Prison seacrch

□Container terminal



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