Forensic Thirteen Waveband Light Source


This light source  is a lightweight portable multi-function field xenon light source, which is specially designed for the law crime scene investigation. It adopts 55W xenon lamp bulb, the built-in lithium battery can be used for long time continuously. Particularly it is suitable for the field survey in the places without 220V AC power. It is the best choice for criminal investigation department to improve the evidence extraction detection.

The material evidence itself contains fluorescent substance or emerging drug fluorescence is excited when the operator use the proper waveband light to irradiate the material evidence. The laser light and background fluorescence will be filtered to make the displayed radiation fluorescent of material evidence more clear. And it forms a great contrast with the background to make the prominent effect. If the material evidence does not contain fluorescent substance or without processed by the emerging drugs, but it can absorb the excited light, which also can form a strong contrast with the background to help the operator see clearly.


The standard configuration of light source:

  • 1 host  double waveband output:

  • White light, 365nm, 415nm, 450nm, CSS, 490nm, 510nm

  • White light, 530nm, 555nm, 570nm, 590nm, 610nm, weak light

  • 13 waveband

  • 1 100V-240V power wire

  • 1 12V power converter (direct power supply)

  • 3 filter glasses

  • 3 filter lens

  • 1 Charger

  • 1 User’s manual

  • 1 criminal scene investigation case




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