The foldable ladder is manufactured with cast aluminum alloy for the frame, extruded aluminum alloy for the rungs, and stainless steel connecting pins, which will provide you unprecedented convenient and speedy operating experience. The entire folding and unfolding time is less than 5 seconds. Its’ strong, reliable and portable features also will impress anyone who has ever experienced it. It can be folded up to a brief case size and stored in a small space, such as trunk and carry it like a briefcase or on a backpack. 

Most importantly, it is light, compact, quick to deploy for fast access to low roofs, second-story windows and tall fences. It has comprehensive application foreground and spread value in rush to deal with an emergency, help people in a disaster or in many dangerous situations, such as hostage rescue, round criminals.
Deploy quickly
High strength
Wide application range

Length  Net Weight (kg) Folded Dimension (cm) Unfolded Dimension (cm) Max. Loading (kg)
(Climbing Angle:75º)
12 ft≈356cm 15.85 67 ×33 × 8.9 41.5× 8.3 ×356 ≈200
14 ft≈412cm 18.62  67 × 33 × 10.5 41.5 × 8.3×412 ≈170

Material:  Aluminum alloy

Optional Accessory: bag



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