Cylindrical Walkthrough Metal Detector

The cylindrical walkthrough metal detector is usually applied in entries and exits of airports,stations,customs,prisons,procuratorates,courts,gyms and discos to detect whether the guns ,swords,knives and blunt weapons are carried in.It can also applied in entries and exits of ironware manufacturing plants,bullion jewelry factories and enameled wire manufacturing plants to prevent stealing.When the person walks through the gate at normal speed,it will detect metals according to the present alarming threshold and may send out an alarm and show the alarming zone.

Function features
*The cylindrical structure occupies small space.
*Produced with advanced marginal technology, it has stable and even detecting magnetic field.
*It is produced through flow-line assembly, featuring small error and high accuracy.
*The whole machine is controlled by the electronic microprocessor.
*It can detect targets accurately when its passing speed is 13.7 meter/second or 0.03 meter/second.
*Its sensitivity, alarming volume and tone can be adjusted according to the
requirements of conditions.
*Skillfully adopting intellectual work frequency technology, the machines can work side by side simultaneously.
*No initialization or periodic calibration is required at each start-up. The full-automatic sensing has been adopted.
*Its installation and disassembly only take several minutes, particularly suitable for mobile inspe

Technical parameters
Product external dimensions: 2120 mm*1169 mm*210 mm
Product passage dimensions: 1970 mm*820 mm*210 mm
Working frequency: 30 w
Working power: 220 v
Working environment: -10+55 Celsius degrees
Product weight: 43 Kg



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