Current situation of infrared thermal imaging technology in China

At present, China's research and development capabilities of infrared thermal imaging technology has been greatly improved, but the discipline involved in the development of infrared thermal imaging technology is more complex, such as optics, microelectronics, video codec, computer networks, materials physics, image handle multiple areas of algorithms, new materials science, mechanical design, so its development bottleneck more. In recent years, the emergence of a number of infrared thermal imager manufacturers, although achieved a major breakthrough in infrared camera core components (such as detectors) development of new products and the development of infrared imaging aspects, so that our infrared heat imaging product applications effectively reduces the input costs, but in a high-resolution infrared thermal imaging detectors (such as megapixels or more) and a plurality of frames (such as 30 or more) on the infrared thermal imaging detector is still difficult to overcome technical expertise field. The international community, infrared thermal imaging technology companies, such as the United States RNO, FILR, FLUKE, Germany InfraTec, France and Japan NEC and other companies have been technological breakthroughs in high-resolution detector. According to a US military journal reported that US existing infrared thermal imaging detector has reached 10 million pixels maximum resolution. And on such an international high-technology products to China in the context of the ban, so the research and development of infrared thermal imaging technology companies are still long way to go.



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