April 15-19, 16th Defence Services Asia Exhibition & Conference 2018 solemnly opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Beijing Heweiyongtai Sci & Tech CO., Ltd, as special safety equipment professional manufacturer, is participating in the exhibition with some of our newest goods like portable X-ray security screening system, color low-light night vision device, super-listen through wall device, hazardous liquid detector, multi-function audio and video life locator etc. We are receiving defense industry enterprise representatives, experts and grandees all over the world to cooperate and develop with us.


During the exhibition, our products are great attentions of viewers. Police users in various countries and relevant exhibitors have stopped to learn about function, application and working principle of products in detail. They are interested and would like to enter into business relations for further cooperation intention after heap praise upon the applicability and breadth of our products.

This Participation in DSA 2018 is indicating that Beijing Heweiyongtai Sci & Tech CO., Ltd is stepping into a new stage on further foreign cooperation & exchange and approaching international markets.



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