Application of infrared thermal imaging technology in civil and the field of Security

Infrared thermal imaging technology initially in military applications, military applications far more widely, such as night vision detection, weapon sights, night vision guided many areas, infrared search and track, satellite remote sensing, especially in satellites, missiles, aircraft and other military weapons, infrared thermal imaging technology has played a vital role.
Although the development of infrared thermal imaging industry began in the United States in the military field, but with the development of uncooled infrared detection technology, infrared thermal imaging technology in our civilian areas has been widely used, in addition to fire, electricity, construction and other industrial applications promotion, the current rapid growth of infrared thermal imaging applications mainly from the growing field of security market applications. Since infrared thermography imaging through fog with good effect, and can meet the needs of long-range wide-angle night search target, such equipment in the important field of security monitoring can effectively deter criminal acts happen at night, so many complex domestic situations weather monitoring system could find application of infrared thermal imaging technology and products, such as: maritime and river inspection on the inspection of the construction site of the fog-prone areas of monitoring, forest fire detection system security monitoring, security conservation area monitoring systems, security monitoring system, water source protection areas, airport railway security monitoring system, special base for security monitoring systems. Since the details of infrared thermal imaging to show limited ability in the development of Science and Technology Beijing Suo Sike infrared thermal imaging system with high-definition laser night vision systems combine the advantages of using infrared thermal imaging distance large area search target, and then through laser night vision system location tracking target details show, this application not only meet the technical requirements of a wide range of long-range night vision surveillance security industry, but also to achieve a full range of remote monitoring details detection requirements.
The current application of infrared thermal imaging technology is still in its early stages of development, but in the security industry has been able to capture the market channel infrared thermal imaging technology is more mature application model, that one is a mobile handset or portable-type device, and the other is class engineering equipment erection.
The first mobile handset or portable type applications. Since the uncooled infrared thermal imaging detector born, it is easier to integrate the imaging device compact portable, hand-held products. These products are widely used in electrical inspection systems, fire heat detection systems, state inspection monitoring system, security police forensics system, set up temporary mobile surveillance system. Handheld or portable-type device in the military, police industrial applications are concentrated in developed countries has been configured in the Army, Air Force, Navy and other military services. Compared with developed countries, China's military infrared thermal imager application is relatively small, but the huge demand, according to the statistics agency of its potential market space of up to 200 billion yuan. Compared to the number of troops in terms of security market demand is relatively fixed.
Secondly, the project set up type applications. In recent years, with the cost of infrared thermal imaging detector has been continuously controlled and set up its fixed monitoring, preventive maintenance, nondestructive detection, temperature detection, all aspects of thermal testing, systematic monitoring of security and safety in production process control obtained in widely used. As the most mature, the most effective means of power line detection, infrared imaging system to achieve real-time monitoring capabilities powered devices running the visualization, greatly improving the manual inspection equipment maintenance efficiency. Also in the construction industry, "Thermal imaging detector off building facades facing layer bonded defect technical regulations," the introduction of the infrared thermal imaging technology in the construction industry has been standardized and promotion. If the manufacturing sector using infrared thermal imaging technology as a process of measurement and control, it can greatly improve product quality.



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