At present, with the improvement of recording technology and the popularization of the recording equipment,A growing number of criminals use a variety of record.Anti-eavesdrop Video cutter can effectively solve the problem.
There are many prevent eavesdropping equipment types at home and abroad but mostly by white noise interference.Although this method in interference effect can reach the effect of anti eavesdropping, But for all personnel talk is also a kind of noise pollution.Especially when talking to case for a longer time, will bring people uncomfortable and even affect the conversation.When the criminals use recording devices (such as mobile phone, voice recorder, recorder, etc.) for you,the Anti-eavesdrop video cutter will generate random noise signal, the signal to compression of speech signal
interference system, make the recording equipment pick up only noise information, and unable to discern the voice information.
1,Mixed frequency interference
2,The voice can not be  restored
3,Equipment is diversified
4,Good concealment performance
5,Coverage of the big
6,Simple and easy to use, flexible
Product performance:
1,Effective truncation distance: more than 2 meters (most of the recording equipment)
2,Effective cutting Angle: greater than 120°  included Angle
3,Effective remote control distance: more than 10 meters
4,Effective work time: more than 2 hours (portable)
5,Size: (length x width x of the equipment are high, in mm) : according to product form



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